ScienceIt’s sometimes easy to believe that everyone else is smarter than we are…that everyone else holds more cool and eccentric knowledge about the world than we do…that we can never keep up with the way that others think. And maybe, just maybe, that’s a little bit scary. But maybe, just maybe, that’s not true. At Lauralton Hall, there’s a book, a favorite subject, and an amazing teacher for each and every student! In our philosophy of education,  “being smart” isn’t solely about high grades and scores, it’s not based upon who is at the top of the class and who is closer to the middle; it’s not a stereotyped and prescribed equation. Instead, it’s about opening your mind to new experiences; about taking new information and formulating your own interpretation of the facts and figures; about engaging your own mind, merging your own thoughts with your own world. 

Hallway StudyingAcademic drive and dedication can take you places—under our tutelage—that you didn’t realize you were capable of securing.  The administration and faculty at Lauralton Hall believe in the power of the female mind; we believe that all young women can grow and blossom into their best selves. And our curriculum is designed to help you achieve this. When you study Newton’s laws of physics during your freshman year and then apply them to an amusement park full of roller coasters, that’s the Lauralton way of transferring your intellect to the real world. When you read Shakespeare and Poe and Dickinson and Frost and then craft your own poems and short stories, that’s the Lauralton way of unleashing your artistic powers. When you sing a duet from the musical Into the Woods, or analyze the chemical components of pond water, or research the traditions and behaviors of world cultures, or tackle an advanced calculus problem set, or exhibit artwork at a local art gallery, you are reaching your unique academic potential. You are intellectually soaring. Quite simply, you ARE “being smart!”




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