Normandy/Paris trip…a voyage of discovery

Twenty-five students accompanied by faculty members Marilyn Cummings, Donna DiMassa and Regina Moller visited Normandy and Paris during February break.

While the travelers brought unprecedented days of sunshine to Normandy, the itinerary allowed them to experience firsthand some of the history which ties English speaking Americans and their French allies. The students were schooled in how much of the rich quality of the English language dates back to the story told by the Bayeux Tapestry about the French speaking Normans’ conquest of England. More of medieval France came alive during a visit to the island Abbey/fortress of Mont Saint Michel. 

The travelers also spent an entire day exploring D-Day sites, the beaches, the American cemetery and the real artifacts of the museum at Ste. Mère Église, recalling the great importance of the heroic efforts of the US and Great Britain in freeing France from German occupation during World War II.

The group’s entrance into Paris was marked by a visit to another historic/artistic monument at the Palace of Versailles. Then, Paris spread all of its culture and beauty before them with visits to the Louvre, the Latin Quarter, Père Lachaise Cemetery, the Musée d’Orsay, the Place de la Concorde, Montmartre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Basilica of Sacré Coeur, the Eiffel Tower and the not-to-be-missed department stores and shopping districts.

The trip was a voyage of discovery from many perspectives, historical and cultural, as well as personal…learning to get along with each other on a 24/7 basis and navigating the vagaries of the Paris metro system.



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