Student Life at Lauralton

2012There are a number of new buzz words in academia, the most overused being a “holistic approach” to education. However, at Lauralton Hall, we don’t subscribe to buzz words and newfangled trends that will likely be out-of-date within the next decade. What we do, what we offer, and who we are is fundamentally what we’ve always done, what we’ve always offered, and who we’ve always been—with a bit of a contemporary edge! And parents, students, and state educators believe that we perform with excellence.

To our way of thinking, girls in their high school years should be allowed to find out what makes them unique—what kinds of life-long friends make them giggle, what kinds of learning best challenges them, and what fun activities spark their curiosity about life.

At Lauralton Hall, we offer Renaissance-styled programs with a modern, renegade twist! That’s our buzz! Read a bit further in this section to learn about our outstanding programs. 


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