Students to attend annual Youth & Government Conference in Hartford

Lauralton’s experience at the Youth and Government Conference held in Hartford last year was an immense success, with many of our students helping to successfully pass several “bills” into law. In addition to discussing a plethora of important topics at the conference each year, students are also involved in mock trials and in creating informative newspapers.

Lauralton Hall has been participating in The Youth and Government Conference (a mock legislative program, associated with the YMCA) for more than 20 years and believes it is a great opportunity to prepare students for political as well as civic life after Lauralton.

“One of our missions as educators is to prepare students, not just for academic life, but for life as informed citizens of the world,” said Lauralton Hall President Dr. Antoinette Iadarola. “Educating in the Mercy tradition emphasizes the pursuit of knowledge, the recognition of truth and responding to the needs of others. An understanding of how government informs our society and the role each of us plays in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is very important.”

Members of the Youth and Government Club representing Lauralton Hall will participate in strong debates with students from other schools in the area. Afterward, voting will take place and the bills passed into law will be determined. This year’s conference will be held March 28-30.

We look forward to the opinions and voices our girls will express and wish them much luck and success. Stay tuned for updates!



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