Christmas & The New Year at Lauralton Hall: 
‘Tis The Season For Giving & Giving Thanks

Lauralton students just completed their exams – congratulations to all for being done with the semester! Around campus, there is definitely a sense of relief and joy as we head into the Christmas season and the New Year.

Last week, as we celebrated Foundation Day for the Sisters of Mercy, many students and faculty members alike were reminded to reflect and recommit to our Mercy heritage and values. What better time of year than the season of giving to remember our Mercy core values of compassion and service to those in need? The Lauralton Hall community offers a prayer for those less fortunate and another of thanks for the gifts we have been given over the past year.

The New Year also presents an opportunity to reconnect with our core values and our commitment to empowering women for life. How can we grow to become better students, daughters, friends and teachers in 2014? How can we seek new avenues for spiritual growth and development as well as global vision and responsibility in the New Year? We hope you will consider all of this and more while making your New Year's resolutions on January 1st.

From all of us here at Lauralton Hall, we wish you a most blessed Christmas and joyous New Year!


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