LH CARES sponsors Cultural Tasting

Staff, students and faculty were treated to an afternoon of international culinary delights on December 11 at the Cultural Tasting sponsored by LH CARES. Club members each brought in a special dish that represented the diversity of their ethnic backgrounds. "The event was launched last year as part of Global Solidarity Week,” said club moderator Connie Tallman. “This year we are doing it to kick off the holiday season. There were dishes from Haiti, Norway, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica, Philippines, and Dominican Republic, as well as American southern cooking.”

The mission of LH CARES is to celebrate the diversity which enriches our lives and the Cultural Tasting was certainly a reflection of that. “Many members of LH CARES are African American,” said LaBriah Johnson, ’15, “I think the Cultural Tasting is a great way to let everyone know that we come from many different backgrounds and it’s good to raise awareness and to share what is unique to each culture. Traditional dishes from Ghana are very different than those from Jamaica or Haiti.”

Mia Moyers, ’15 brought in candied yams. “It’s a recipe that has been passed down from my grandmother to my mother and I hope to pass it along to my kids,” said Mia. “Lauralton is a school that promotes the strength of sisterhood. I think this event is important because it shows that even though we come from different cities, different countries, different religious backgrounds, we are still one family. And the more you know about someone and their background, the more you understand them—the more you care about them.”

The club officers thank all the members of LH CARES for their culinary contributions and members of the Lauralton community for their attendance.  For more information (or perhaps to track down a recipe for your favorite dish), please contact Connie Tallman or one of the club officers.


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