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Lauralton Hall will host “Discover Lauralton” for fifth, sixth and seventh grade girls and their parents on Sunday, April 3, 2016, from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Administrators, faculty, students and alumnae will be on hand to meet potential students and their families. Guests will have the opportunity to select up to four of these fun activity sessions: 

Design Squad – Learn how to make the world a better place by designing more efficient solutions to real problems.  You will be given a challenge and must brainstorm a way to make a device using simple everyday materials to solve it.  Experience firsthand how engineers design, test, and analyze the operation of their models-and learn a little science along the way.

Are you ready to fight for a cause? – Come by and witness a mini-debate – or even join in – with members of the Debate Team, a very popular club at Lauralton Hall. 

What GIVES with AdjecTIVES? – Are you a whiz with adjectives? These special words are like the cream in the Oreo Cookie; they give the cookie a whole new taste. Come play a game with adjectives: You need to know the alphabet, and you need to know at least three adjectives that begin with each letter (except X!) Play this game - you may win a grand prize of a package of cookies OR you may end up in the cookie jar! This game is Awesome, Bold, CreaTIVE! 

Lauralton Bible Challenge – Have a little fun with your friends to see who can solve this Bible puzzle first. You are sent on a time-sensitive search through the scriptures for clues to solve a “Bible mystery”. You will be supplied with a Bible and specific passages to look up. And if you have no experience with a Bible, don’t worry, you will have plenty of help on hand. Winning group gets a Bible treat!!

“Languages are in Bloom at Lauralton” – You are invited to participate in some fun activities relating to gardens, flowers and world languages.  The Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish languages will be featured together in every activity.  Activities will include:  “Guess the Language?”, Cultural  Kahoot,  Paper Flowers, and Jigsaw Puzzles.

Artistic Expression – Create your own decorative and dazzling charm bracelet. A great way to express yourself while designing a lovely piece to take home as a reminder of your day at Lauralton!

Numbers Numbers Everywhere! – Come play Lauralton Hall’s Math Department Jeopardy. (No calculator will help you with these questions!)

Healthy Body-Healthy Mind – Join us in the Lauralton Fitness Room for a mini-workout and you can also see what sports Lauralton has to offer throughout the year!  (Please wear sneakers) 

Parents are welcome too! While the girls are busy exploring the school, parents are invited to learn more about the admissions process and financial aid; meet administrators, faculty, staff members and guidance personnel; speak with parents of current students and learn about mission and service - the benefits of attending a Catholic school.

Registration for Discover Lauralton closes on March 24, so reserve your spot soon. Please contact the Admissions Office at or 203.877.2786 for information.


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