NBCUniversal executive returns to Lauralton to speak at Father-Daughter Brunch

A crowd of over 200 fathers and daughters were in attendance on Sunday, November 3, at the McAuley Parents Association’s (MPA) annual Father-Daughter Brunch and Prayer Service. The event is held annually as a way to bring father and father figures together with their Lauralton daughters. The day’s events included a prayer service with a special father-daughter blessing in the chapel, followed by a gourmet brunch and the ever-popular raffle. The highlight of this year’s event was a presentation by guest speaker Kathy Kelly-Brown, a Class of 1982 Lauralton alumna. Kelly-Brown is Senior Vice President, Communications, NBCUniversal News Group.

Kelly-Brown opened her remarks by discussing her arrival in 1978 as a freshman and how she was anything but pleased. She was not fond of the idea of an all-girls high school or the proper blue uniform. Her reason for being there – her father. Before too long she found her groove at Lauralton and the place started to grow on her. The years were filled with many laughs, triumphs, dear memories and friends that she still holds close to her heart. Sadly, Kelly-Brown lost her father right before the start of senior year. “The school my father had wanted me to go to so badly wound up being a great source of comfort after he passed away. My friends were there for me and the rituals we formed over the years together brought me much peace and happiness as we began that last year together at Lauralton.”

She gave words of advice to today’s students on how her own experiences at Lauralton helped empower her throughout the course of her career and personal life. Kelly-Brown took risks in her career because she wasn’t afraid to speak up; this is what defined her success. This is a lesson her teachers instilled in her during her high school years. She started as an intern at NBC and continued to climb the corporate ladder which led to successful positions at NBC and Warner Bros. Television. 

“Though I wouldn’t realize it until many years later, there were some key things that my four years at Lauralton taught me that have helped throughout the course of my career and in my personal life,” she stated. Kelly-Brown then offered some advice: know the value of friendship, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, speak up! And, lastly, “never forget…you are and always will be a Lauralton lady.” Another important fact that Kelly-Brown mentioned to the crowd: “your dad is always right!”

After years at NBC in California, Kelly-Brown decided it was time to come home, where she found her current position at NBCUniversal News Group. When she interviewed with the company’s CEO, the first words out of his mouth upon reviewing her resume were “Lauralton Hall.” She found out he sent his son went to Fairfield Prep and was familiar with Lauralton, “I am indeed a Lauralton lady.” she replied. It was from that point on that Kelly-Brown felt she had landed the job and that her father was watching from above thinking, “I told you so.” The speech ended with Kelly-Brown advising the crowd that you never know when being a Lauralton lady will come in handy.

MPA will hold its next event, the Mother-Daughter Fashion Show, at the Patterson Club, Fairfield, on March 23, 2014.


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