Lauralton observes Global Solidarity Week

Lauralton recently participated in Global Solidarity Week, part of the Global Solidarity Initiative, an innovative program developed by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to educate and engage young people to learn more about pressing global issues and to take faith-filled action on behalf of people who are poor and vulnerable.

The week included curriculum based activities and presentations by guest speakers including CRS Program Manager Dr. Kim Lamberty and Program Officer Mari Barboza. Dr. Lamberty works with parishes, dioceses, congregations of religious and other Catholic organizations to strengthen their global solidarity missions. She is also founder and president of Just Haiti, a fair trade coffee development program that works in partnership with associations of subsistence coffee growers in Haiti.

In Dr. Lamberty's presentation entitled "Building Peace, Seeking Paths to Reconciliation in Divided Societies" she spoke of personal examples that occurred in the missions in which she served in such conflict zones as Haiti, Guatemala, Colombia, and Palestine. "Many people in war-torn areas of the world are given the option of leaving or seeking reconciliation; CRS promotes reconciliation," she stated. Dr. Lamberty encouraged students to help support areas of the world that are in need by donating time, praying, participating in mission trips and buying fair trade products.

Ms. Barboza talked to the students about her role in raising awareness on global issues and developing collaborative relationships with Catholic institutions to promote global solidarity. She described her work in emergency response and peacebuilding throughout Kenya and Zambia.

"The presentation opened my eyes to the struggles people face in other countries," said Audrey O'Donnell '14. "I find Dr. Lamberty's and Ms. Barboza's work endearing and inspirational. They showed us charity is more than just a donation."




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