International Fair a big hit

Lauralton’s Claven Auditorium came alive after school on April 3 with Irish music and both Irish and salsa dancing during the fun-filled International Fair sponsored by the World Languages Department. Religion teacher Damien Connolly played some energizing Irish music as the students entered the auditorium. His music was followed by the mesmerizing dance steps of Lauralton’s own Irish step dancers, Mary Kate Firisin, ’14; Aigneis Frey, ’16; Farrell Granath, ’15; Payton Kiel, ’16; and Danielle Veith, ‘15.

The French, Latin and Spanish Honor Society members of the graduating class of 2013 were presented with honor society honor cords, which they will wear at graduation in June.  French students who received their cords include Valentina Ballas, Emma Catalfamo, Isabella Dalena, Alexandra Garvey, Catherine Gulish, Emily Harris, Stephanie Iannone, Michele Martire, Allison Miles, Brenda Moreno, Colleen O’Connell, Caleigh O’Leary, Brigid Rooney, Alexandra Torres. Latin students are Emily Bonzagni, Katherine Boynton, Victoria Bresnahan, Jenna Bump, Dorothy Canevari, Megan Clark, Deirdre Eason, Cameron Gerrity, Jessica Napolitano, Bianca Robertson, Kelly Russo, Emilia Tanu, and Katherine Wilcoxson. The Spanish students include Taylor Black, Kiley Cappetta , Andrea Castillo, Michelle DeSantis, Shea Dolan, Melanie Dumitrescu, Julia Elia, María Flores, Sarah Foley, Lily Fortin, Linda Fuller, Mary Landry,  Elizabeth Leonard, Elizabeth Levine, Lauren Lichac, Regina Magi, Gabrielle Mancini, Marisa Messer, Deneca Minowa , Rebecca Morgan, Jillian Murray, Myriam Philitas, Deanna Popa, Catherine Priolet, Emily Radesca, Jessica Recce, Kathryn Rogers, Carolyn Savoia, Isabella Serrano, Rebecca Sherrick, Gabrielle Shkreli, Nicole Sweeney, Sarah von Euler, and Sarah Yoney.   

After the presentation of the Honor Society honor cords, Alisha Bowens, dance director from Alisha’s House of Salsa in New Haven, and her dance partner got the students on their feet and moving to the beat of salsa and merengue music. 

The girls worked up an appetite after their dance lesson and retreated to the dining hall to sample many different international dishes including churros, empanadas, key lime pie, Jamaican fruit cake and beef patties, pirogues, Bavarian pretzels, Polish candy bar pastry, Peruvian rice pudding and Chinese dumplings, the latter prepared by Chinese teacher, Miao Hwang.

The afternoon was a wonderful mixing of various cultures which resulted in a lot of laughter and smiles.


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