Lauralton students excel at Latin Day 

On May 3, thirty-four Lauralton students, dressed in pristine white togas, brilliantly dyed tunics and laurel crowns, joined hundreds of other Latin students from Connecticut middle schools and high schools in celebrating the language, culture and artistic achievements of the Ancient Romans. Latin Day MMXIII, held at Holiday Hill in Cheshire, was filled with a wide variety of workshops, presentations and competitions that immersed the students in an environment that was totally Roman. 

The Lauralton students quickly filled their diplomata (festival passports) with stamps by participating in hands-on workshops on fresco and vase painting, bees and honey-making, botany, astronomy and Greek dance. Popular activities were creating toga-clad teddy bears, designing buttons and molding and painting miniature clay sculptures. 

The highlight of the day was the academic contests, and the Lauralton Hall Crusaders walked away with fifteen awards—a record breaker for the school! Brittany Galuppo ’14 was among the top winners, earning a Summa Cum Laude (the highest award) for Mythology; Cum Laude in the grueling Pentathlon (five academic categories combined) and a Magna Cum Laude in the Classical Greek language. Corey Patchkofsky ’15 garnered a Summa Cum Laude in Ancient Geography and both Emily Meyer and Cailin Dendas ’15 took home Summa Cum Laude in the Classical Authors contest. Emily also won a Cum Laude in Latin Grammar. Maxima Cum Laude awards (the second highest) were given to Mary Spillane ’14 in Mythology, Sally Boynton ‘15 in Classical Authors and Mary McMullen ‘16 in Latin Mottoes. Magna Cum Laude (the third highest) was won by Victoria Lang ’14 in English Derivatives from the Latin Language, and by Kelly Linsenmeyer in Classical Authors. And finally, Cum Laude awards were presented to Caitlyn Siegman ’15 in Ancient Geography and Kelsey Llewellyn ’15 and Lindsey Meyers ’15 in Classical Authors.

Latin Day is organized and led by teachers and professors of the Classical Association of Connecticut, whose primary goal is to foster excellence in the teaching of Classical languages and civilizations in Connecticut schools, colleges and universities. Lauralton’s students were organized and led by Ms. Corinne Chace and Dr. Clement Kuehn, teachers of French and Latin respectively.


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