English Department gets it write

To launch a celebration of the National Day of Writing on October 22, the English Department coordinated a wall-sized student mural, representing words and genres and all modes of writing.

The celebration kicked off as students in all grades chose colored Sharpie pens and wrote their favorite words on the writing wall in the back of the dining hall. Some included favorite lines from poems or stories, headlines from international news articles, lines from favorite movies or songs, the recipes of dear friends or relatives and quotations from famous speeches.

Ever the Disney favorite, senior Lauren Lichac penned Cinderella’s mantra in her well-recognized script, “A dream is a wish, your heart makes!”  Pam Boynton, Senior Honors teacher and British literature aficionado, calligraphed the first word of the Beowulf epic, “Hwaet,” from the Anglo-Saxon idiom meaning “Listen!”  Junior Jeanne-Claire Vincent, true to her roots, admitted that “Pamplemousse” is just a fun word to say.  Cleverly, en Francais, it means “grapefruit!”  Author John Greene was heavily represented and singers Rhianna, Drake, and Celine Dion were equally popular. Never to be forgotten, the world and words of Harry Potter easily made the grade: “It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”   

In a world of ten-second sound bites, tweets on Twitter, wall postings on Facebook, audio books and iPod apps, the written word, which puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, is often lost in the shuffle. But there is inherent beauty and power in the written word and that is the nature of the celebration of National Writing Day. 

The mural will remain in place through the end of the month, and includes writings by faculty and staff in addition to the students’ contributions.


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