Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department at Lauralton provides students with the opportunity to express themselves in both performing and visual arts. Students have access to a wide variety of visual arts courses and performing opportunities. The skills learned in these classes allow Lauralton students to expand their abilities in all areas of study.

“Why are the arts so important?”
Where should I begin to answer that question? Do I start with pure data…that test scores consistently show that musicians do better in school? Or do I mention the obvious…how important it is, especially for young women, to have a place where they can be themselves and express their feelings? Both are excellent reasons to promote the arts.  

Instead, I would like to point out what is less obvious, but crucial. The arts teach our students skills that will serve them well in any career they choose. They learn to collaborate…no artistic endeavor happens without teamwork. They learn to express themselves and to think in new ways…artists cannot just repeat what they have learned; they have to use it in their own special way. They gain confidence…any performer will tell you that after standing on stage in front of several hundred people, walking into an interview is a piece of cake. The skills that are gained when studying the arts, both performing and visual they will carry with them into all their endeavors. 


Margy Sargent
Fine Arts Department Chair  


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