Senior award recipients honored

The faculty and staff of Lauralton Hall proudly revealed the names of this year’s senior award recipients on May 23, at a ceremony held in the Claven Auditorium. Class of 2012 Valedictorian Megan Cogguillo and Salutatorian Abbey Marie Guerino topped a list of accomplished and service-minded graduates who will pursue higher education at some of the most competitive colleges and universities in the country, including Dartmouth, Georgetown, Mount Holyoke, New York University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Vanderbilt. More than 40 seniors received awards for outstanding accomplishments in academics, athletics and for community service. The following are just a few of the many awards that were given:

The Bishop Peter Rosazza Award: Given to the graduating student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has manifested Christian compassion through humble and joyful service to others. Awardee: Abbey Guerino

Crusader of the Year: Every Lauralton Hall student involved in athletics votes for the senior who, in their opinion, is the finest athlete. Awardee: Marisa Dowling

Department Awards: Given to students who, in the opinion of the members of each department, best demonstrated excellence, commitment, and interest in the study of each subject area. Awardees: Mengyan Liu (Betty), Wendy Amidon, Gwen Hawkes, Catherine McAree, Rachel Roberts, Christina Nestor, Megan Cogguillo, Briana Archer, Alexandra Hamar, Nicole Peterson, Erin Montanez

The Frances Warde Service Award: Presented to students who achieved 100 hours of service in their community during their senior year.  Awardess: Vincenza Bartholomew, Grace Dahlman,  Emily Janik, Catherine Knoedler, Jacquelyn Kubicko, Kelly Ann McCarthy, Marissa Matto, Kathleen Morton, Noel Ostrosky, Caitlin Riccitelli, Madeline Rudden, Carolyn Ruther, Laura Schirillo, Rhea Schneider, Sarah Wilkie and Emily Wolpiuk

Fred DeLuca Award: The founder of Subway restaurants, Fred DeLuca, started a foundation to help young women and men achieve their dreams of furthering their education.  2012 Award recipient: Ruthy Blackwell

The Lezotte Awards: Voted upon by the graduates themselves as best typifying Lauralton ideals. 2012 Awardees are: Abbey Guerino and Micaela Kwochka

The United Way of Milford Scholarship: Given to a graduating senior who is a Milford resident, has volunteered during each of her four years of high school to serve an agency that works for the betterment of the Milford community. 2012 Awardee: Michelle Vitelli

The Connecticut Arts Awards: Given to musically, artistically and academically gifted students by the Connecticut Association of Schools. 2012 Lauralton Awardees: Victoria Conaway (Performing Arts) and Rebecca Mancini (Visual Arts)

The entire Lauralton community proudly congratulates the Class of 2012 on their many accomplishments!




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