Lauralton meets the Class of 2016

The Class of 2016, 123 students strong, comes to us from 59 different schools in 25 towns. The top four feeder towns are Fairfield, Milford, Stamford and Norwalk, and the girls previously attended 26 Catholic schools, 26 public schools and 7 private schools.

As always at Lauralton, legacy connections abound—17 of our freshmen are the sisters of current Lauralton students, 7 are the daughters of alumnae and 6 are the granddaughters of alumnae!

The most popular names among our new students are Amanda, Catherine/Katherine, Lauren, and Sara/Sarah.  

The Class of 2016 began their Lauralton experience on August 29 and 30 with two days of orientation activities. On August 29, the Adam Kreiger Adventure Program offered team-building activities to introduce and help acclimate the incoming students to each other and their student mentors. The second day focused on helping freshmen find their way around campus and making them feel at home here.

The orientation activities left the new students confident and comfortable in their new environment, precisely the goal the school hoped to achieve by scheduling these activities.

Lauralton Hall strives to create and maintain a strong community among students, faculty, staff, parents, family and friends and is committed to addressing students’ needs through creative and cutting edge programming.

The Lauralton Hall community proudly welcomes our 108th class, the Class of 2016!



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