Science classes tour Unilever labs

When it comes to a career in the field of science most students think of only a few possibilities—doctor, nurse, or engineer. In early March, AP Chemistry and Advanced Biology classes learned firsthand how diverse science really is when they had the opportunity to tour the research labs at Unilever in Trumbull.

Lauralton students received a personal tour of the facilities by Operations Director Neil Randle who showed the students the perfumery labs, the development process of Dove® products, an overview of the way market research is conducted and a tour of the pilot plant.

“This trip allowed the students to see that every aspect—from idea and production, to designing the packaging, to sales and decisions—is based on science,” stated Advanced Biology teacher Dr. Susan Cavar. "These opportunities in science coincide with Lauralton’s commitment to excellence in the STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and math—careers in which women are underrepresented."

“The trip presented an opportunity to view a balance between science and the real world,” said AmyJo Sheketoff, ’14. “We saw the many opportunities available in science from the use of psychiatry in marketing to classic engineering.”


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