Skiers enjoy annual trip to the slopes

The annual weekend ski/snowboard trip to Sunday River Ski Area in Maine took place during the first weekend in March. Twenty-one girls and three chaperons skied, snowboarded, and snowshoed in near perfect conditions. From first-time freshmen to the four-year veterans, beginners to experts, everyone had a great time. Old friendships were strengthened and new ones made.

Freshman Mary McMullen said, "It was my first time skiing and I fell a lot, but I still had fun!" Her classmate Shelby Vertula added, "Going on the double black diamonds with Ms. Waldron was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip."

Senior Andrea Castillo tells us, "I love the ski trip to Sunday River. I've gone all four years. I wish I could come back from college next year just for this trip."

All of the students thoroughly enjoyed their weekend and they are already looking forward to next winter's trip. Thanks to ski trip moderator Jill Waldron for organizing this fun excursion.





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