Students celebrate Spirit Week  

Spirit Week, annually sponsored by Student Council, was celebrated in March this year. Members of the Student Council, numbering more than 100, voted early in the year on the themes for each day of this extremely popular and highly anticipated week-long event:  Monday - Pajama Day, Tuesday  - Character or Celebrity Day, Wednesday - Twin Day, Thursday - Decades Day. Based on a long-standing Lauralton tradition, Thursday of every Spirit Week is designated as Decades Day and the students all know that freshmen dress up in clothes from the 1950s, sophomores dress in styles from the 1960s, juniors wear 1970s garb and seniors wear outfits from the 1980s. 

Not only do students get to dress in all sorts of fun outfits (which they love to do), but Spirit Week is the one full week during the year when the girls know they don’t have to wear their school uniforms. “Twin Day always makes me laugh,” said Student Council Moderator Lauren Korman, “because Lauralton students dress exactly the same in their uniforms every day, and then they vote for Twin Day so they can dress up like each other. It’s very funny.”

Although the festivities were interrupted by a snow day, the spirits of our Lauralton girls were not dampened for the annual Spirit Week Pep Rally. The Pep Rally offers a little healthy competition among the classes. Students arrived at school early to begin decorating the gym for the big event at the end of the day. Each class identified colors or themes and wore their class shirts throughout the day.  The freshman color was pink with a “Keep Calm and Freshman On” theme; the sophomore color was blue with “Sailing Sophomores” as their theme; juniors chose green and their theme was “Junior Mints;” and the Senior Class went with purple and “Friday the 13th” representing their 2013 graduation year. Each class choreographed and practiced a five to nine minute competitive cheer or dance. The cheering started as soon as the event began and the level of enthusiasm just kept building until it was announced that the seniors had won the dance contest, causing the entire student body to descend on the gym floor and join in the dancing. 

“The girls work so hard in the classroom all year long that they really look forward to the Pep Rally as a way of blowing off a little steam,” said Ms. Korman. “Even though the students are divided by class at the beginning of the Pep Rally as they try to win the Dance Contest, they’re all happy for the class that wins and celebrate the end of Spirit Week end by joining together.


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