Students practice waste saving strategies

As part of their study on Solid Waste Management, AP Environmental Science students collected their personal trash daily for a time period of one week. Trash collection included all items (with the exception of food and sanitary waste products) the students would normally throw away or recycle each day. At the end of the week, students weighed and itemized their trash in their classroom. The most common classes of trash generated included paper and plastic and weekly totals ranged from 0.93 Kg/week to 8.41 Kg/week. Luckily, even the highest volumes generated are less than the national average of 10 kg/week!

These numbers show that Lauralton students are cognizant of waste saving strategies. After class discussion, students are even more committed to investing in reusable water bottles, Tupperware and Rubbermaid containers and using actual flatware rather than plastic utensils. These strategies continue to support Lauralton’s environmental sustainability efforts and dedication to a “greener” campus.


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