LH CARES offers “Taste of Diversity”

Students, staff and faculty were treated to an afternoon of international delicacies on February 26 at Taste of Diversity, sponsored by LH CARES (Lauralton Hall Cares and Respects Every Student). The event featured food from such diverse ethnicities as Hispanic, Italian, Polish and American.

“It is a chance for every student to be proud of her heritage and the food associated with it,” said club moderator Jill Waldron. “It also gives students the opportunity to be introduced to a dish that they might not even know exists.”

Club President Lauren Fraser,’14 stated, “our school is very diverse; we can see that each of us is different, but this tasting event is a chance to talk about our different cultures.”

February is an important month for the club. In addition to the Taste of Diversity event, each day this month different club members read a morning announcement about an important person to be recognized during Black History Month. LH CARES has also made a commitment to volunteer at the Immanuel Baptist Church soup kitchen in New Haven. This is the club’s extension of caring and respecting every student – to caring and respecting everyone, especially those in need.


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