Five teachers highlighted during Teacher Appreciation Week

Joining with schools across the country, Lauralton celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week throughout the week of May 5, 2014. This year we chose to highlight five teachers—one for each day of Teacher Appreciation Week. The educators here at Lauralton don’t always know how important they are and the great impact they have on the student body, but students are aware and they spoke up to let us know about their appreciation. The five selected faculty members not only teach in a way that captivates their students, they teach beyond the classroom and engage in other activities on campus throughout the year. At Lauralton, we find it important to captivate students and expand their thinking to real life situations and we agree these five help us achieve that goal.

Courtney Dwyer, Social Studies

This is a busy time of year for Mrs. Dwyer. In addition to wrapping up the school year in her social studies classes, she is also Senior Class Moderator and is in charge of coordinating graduation. Aside from graduation rehearsals and setup, she also assists the senior class with donation decisions, the senior dance and class meetings. Having been at Lauralton since 1999, Mrs. Dwyer is chair of her department and also took on the new role of Coordinator for International Experience this year, which includes making sure our students get the opportunity to learn worldwide.

“Mrs. Dwyer is an inspirational teacher who brings history to life. Her exciting classes and motivating lessons inspired me to pursue Global Studies in college. She had a great impact on me and my studies.”  
– Megan Collins ’14

Regina Moller, French

Dr. Moller is loved throughout the halls of Lauralton by students, faculty and staff. She has been with us for 30 years and will be retiring in June. Her love for Lauralton and teaching the French language is immeasurable. She has been chair of her department and has coordinated and chaperoned several international trips for our students, including the April 2014 trip to Eastern Europe.

“Dr. Moller is not only an excellent teacher who uses her skills to the best of her ability, but also an excellent mentor and friend. Having her as a teacher was the greatest joy. She not only helped my classmates and me learn French,
but also to love the French language and culture as much as she does.”

 – Camille Amato ‘14



Theresa Napolitano, Science

Mrs. Napolitano may have done more for her students than she ever imagined. In addition to being a science teacher and chair of her department, she also spent many years coaching softball and field hockey before retiring from her coaching career. In 2008 she took the Crusaders softball team all the way to the top with a state title. She is also co-moderator of the Lauralton Hall chapter of the National Honor Society.

"Coach Nap is not only one of the most intelligent people I know, she is also the kindest.
She always finds time to fit you in for extra help or just to talk.
She’s one of the greatest role models I’ve ever had and I hope to be as great as she is one day.”
– Rachel Landock ‘14


Margy Sargent, Music

When it comes to music, there’s no one as amazing as our very own Margy Sargent. Mrs. Sargent has been at Lauralton since 2002. She is chair of the Fine Arts Department, director of the musicals and concerts and has led the Advanced Vocal Ensemble to amazing opportunities such as singing at Disney and the Vatican! “Sarge,” as she is known around campus, has taken her real life connections to music and theater to bring makeup artists and Broadway professionals to give our students hands on experience before their performances.

"My experiences in the musical productions will be my fondest memories.
Sarge has been so much fun and taught us so much from her real life experiences.
  I will return every year to see her productions!” 
– Brenna Donahue ‘14



Jill Waldron, Math

If students or faculty need someone to lighten up the mood or provide a little laughter there is nobody who can deliver as well as Ms. Waldron. We’re lucky to have had her at Lauralton since 1992. Aside from teaching math and training future business women in her classroom, she coaches softball, runs ski club trips to the slopes and is moderator of LH CARES (Lauralton Hall Cares and Respects Every Student).

“Ms. Waldron appreciates input from her students, she treats us like adults.
Her assignments are very consistent and well structured.
She is reliable and gives great advice.
She provides us with many laughs and is the most approachable teacher I have ever had.”

 – Andrea (Andy) Lopez ‘14



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