Top reasons to attend Lauralton

Reason Number 2: College Acceptance

Did you know that recent data indicates that a student in an independent school is twice as likely to graduate than a student attending public school? This staggering statistic and the resulting college acceptance rate is our second reason to attend Lauralton Hall in our Top Ten Reasons.

Our historic legacy at Lauralton Hall is reflected in our tagline – Connecticut’s first Catholic college-prep school for girls. All of our students graduate in four years and we prepare our girls for acceptance into college and success once they get there. Students in the 2013 graduating class were accepted at top tier colleges, and most to their first choice schools, such as Notre Dame, Brown, Chicago, Dartmouth, Cornell, Vassar, Providence, Georgetown and Villanova, to name just a few.

More than $10 million were awarded in merit-based aid to the members of the graduating Class of 2013. It’s Lauralton Hall’s fulfillment of our very first promise to our students: we will prepare you for success in college!

Reason Number 3: Leadership
Reason Number 4: Fun
Reason Number 5: Individual Attention
Reason Number 6: Mercy Core Values
Reason Number 7: Opportunity
Reason Number 8: Single Sex Education
Reason Number 9: Safety
Reason Number 10: Experience


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