Ten top reasons to attend Lauralton

Reason Number 4: Fun

Thus far, all of our top reasons for attending Lauralton Hall have centered mostly on academic growth and achievement, but this does not mean we don’t know how to have fun – nothing could be further from the truth!

With more than 25 clubs, opportunities to have fun abound at Lauralton Hall. If a student cannot find an activity or club that sparks her interest, we encourage her to start her own. For example, a few years ago a group of parents and students started our ice hockey team, and students have been having a blast on the ice ever since. It’s been documented that one of the best predictors of success in college and later in life is not grades or SAT scores, but involvement in extracurricular life, and we never forget this.

We believe a fun-loving atmosphere helps students become their best selves, and a article in The Washington Post affirmed the same belief: “Brain research suggests that fun is not just beneficial to learning but, by many reports, required for authentic learning and long-term memory. The highest-level executive thinking, making of connections, and ‘aha’ moments are more likely to occur in an atmosphere of ‘exuberant discovery,’ where students of all ages retain that kindergarten enthusiasm of embracing each day.” Read it here

The bottom line is that the young women at Lauralton Hall are well-rounded individuals who succeed at work and play, and enjoy themselves in the process!

Reason Number 5: Individual Attention
Reason Number 6: Mercy Core Values
Reason Number 7: Opportunity
Reason Number 8: Single Sex Education
Reason Number 9: Safety
Reason Number 10: Experience


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