Top reasons to attend Lauralton

Reason Number 7: Opportunity

At Lauralton Hall, students don’t just have equal opportunity – they have every opportunity! Whether the choice is to be a class officer, club member, writer, singer, actor, team captain, performer, student council representative, campus ministry participant or outreach program member, abundant opportunities abound for personal and academic growth. There are so many chances to learn both inside and outside the classroom, and male and female mentors abound at Lauralton Hall. Students learn not only from teachers and faculty, but from other students as well.

At Lauralton Hall, we believe that opportunity is one of the keys to real achievement: positive role models, abundant choices, practice and real life experience. At our Catholic college-prep school for girls, you will find all three!

Reason Number 8: Single Sex Education
Reason Number 9: Safety
Reason Number 10: Experience


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