Ten top reasons to attend Lauralton

Reason Number 8: Single Sex Education

Did you know that research on single sex education has confirmed that an all-girls setting provides a comfort level that facilitates and encourages learning, as well as the development of greater self-confidence and broader interests? It’s true – and it’s yet another reason to attend Lauralton Hall in Milford!

A recent, peer-reviewed UCLA study compared a large sample of all girls’ school graduates to their coed peers. This study revealed some interesting and important findings:

  • When it comes to math and science, all-girls’ school graduates rate their confidence at the start of college 10 percent higher than do their coed counterparts.
  • Girls' school alumnae are three times more likely than female grads of coed institutions to consider pursuing a career in engineering.
  • 71 percent of alumnae from an all-girls’ school consider college as a prelude to graduate school, compared to 66 percent from coed schools.

Lauralton Hall young women learn how to take on academic challenges, eloquently and fearlessly express thoughts and opinions and participate in new learning experiences in a way co-educational institutions simply cannot provide. When asked why she selected Lauralton Hall four years ago, a recent graduate had this to say: “I wanted an environment where I could be ‘real’- where I could be myself – and I found that at Lauralton. Girls could be who they were and were accepted for that with no excuses.”

At Lauralton Hall, we are a girls’ college preparatory school, and creating an environment where young women can feel comfortable, learn and succeed is our objective.

Reason Number 9: Safety
Reason Number 10: Experience


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