The 11th Annual Eco-Fashion Show Turns Trash into Super Chic Fashions

Eleven years running and Lauralton’s Annual Eco-Fashion show never fails to impress. Ingenious fashions are designed completely out of trash and the student models strut their stuff down the runway.  The show was narrated by club officers who not only explained details of the outfits and materials used, but they also presented each model’s 'eco-fact’, such as senior Colleen Bradlee’s reminder that 84% of all household waste can be recycled, so think twice before you throw something away. Many of these facts are tidbits of information that people have never thought of. For instance, according to Ashley Evans ’12, more than 20,000,000 Hershey’s Kisses are wrapped each day, using 133 square miles of tin foil. That tin foil could be recycled.

“The designers and the models want us not only to reduce, reuse and recycle; they want us to reconfigure our thought processes so that we do not mindlessly toss stuff in the trash,” states Donna DiMassa, club moderator.

 The show is a student-run event and the culmination of months of effort. Students sign up months in advance and begin to plan their dresses—find materials, pick a design, etc. They work hard to raise the bar each year and it shows. These fashionable frocks of trash become creative works of art. It’s a lot of work, but most definitely worth it.

1st place: Victoria Murphy ’16 – designers were seniors Ali Peruzzi, LeAnna Basque, Adaeze Dikko, and Jenna Ball  This London inspired outfit is made of blood, sweat, tears and one sexy(?) shower curtain.

2nd place: Aimee Turcotte ’19 — The headpiece and bodice are accentuated with plastic shopping bags. A flowing skirt of recycled coffee filters make this an eye-catching peacock feather dress.

3rd place and Best Senior: Adaeze Dikko ’16 designers were seniors Jenna Ball, LeAnna Basque, Ali Peruzzi, and Victoria Murphy This beautiful dress is made out of woven old polos, a shower curtain, and required mad sewing skills.

Most Avant-Garde: Lily Delmonico ’17 Designer Kimberly McGuire ‘16. The base for it is made out of an old blanket while the outside is made out of old newspaper.  Other materials used were cardboard, wooden rods, duct tape, and coat hangers with a cover of newspaper.  The harness is made from old laminated flooring, cardboard, and ribbon.   This one stole the show.  

Best Presence: Shannon Buttling ’16 (designer) and Lauren Mergenthaler ’16 —Both outfits are made out of old button down shirts that were ready to be thrown out.

Most Interesting Material: Bella Secchiarolli ’19- designer: Rory Woods ’19 - Bella is wearing a costume party or Alice in Wonderland themed dress made out of old decks of cards and reused costumes.

Most Wearable: Jessica Abbazia ’19 - Designer: Sara Abbazia ’17 Jessica is wearing a dress made out of newspaper and garbage bags, with a recycled paper flower crown and a Capri Sun pouch bag.

Best Freshman: Cristina Ludwig ’19 With a passion for of baking, Cristina chose to make an outfit entirely out of tissue paper and cupcake wrappers

Best Sophomore: Mary Jane Elwood ’18 and Kristin Franco ’18  Designers: KK Ball, Ann Frances Fox, Leah Cogguillo, Kiley Forrest, and Juliana Gonzales.  — Materials used for these frocks are pieces of broken CDs, old t-shirts and playing cards.

Best Junior: Mary Held ’17 - This 80s inspired outfit is made from her brother's old preppy button-down shirt and a tutu skirt made from recycled target bags stuffed with tissue paper.

Most Creative: Ashley Evans ’16 and Meghan Warren ’16 _ a unique dress made of about 20 Klondike ice cream bar wrappers sewn together and Ashley is modeling a fabulous dress made from her old polos and pajama pants.

Faculty: Peggie McGowan and Jill Waldron - A beautifully handcrafted necklace of environmentally sound water bottles, along with a handmade BELT of lunchboxes


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