March - dedicated to the empowerment of women

“Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
—Eleanor Roosevelt

Since the early 1900s, March has been dedicated to the recognition of women throughout history—their successful triumphs over hardship as well as their economic, political, and social achievements. It was not until 1987, however, that Congress officially announced March as Women’s History Month; in 1994, Congress declared March 8 as International Women’s Day. Events take place each year in more than 100 countries promoting the empowerment of women focusing on topics such as poverty, hunger, sexual abuse, violence, and gender equality.

Here at Lauralton Hall, we believe that Women’s History Month should be celebrated all year long. Our mission to educate young women to pursue knowledge, recognize truth, and respond to the need of others is evident in every aspect of every day.

We use this month as an opportunity to reflect on a time when women were prohibited from voting and denied other rights, to realize how far we have come and the difference our voices have made. Women’s History Month is also an opportunity to imagine all the history yet to be made and recognize how our role as educators directly impacts this future.

Global Solidarity Week 2014 falls during Women’s History Month and Lauralton is focusing on pressing global issues and encouraging students to take action by helping those who are in need and most vulnerable. With help from the United Nations, the History Department created a display on influential women peacekeepers including Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, police women, members of the American women’s movement and United Nations peacekeepers.

We at Lauralton Hall extend our immense gratitude and respect to all of our female heroes and those who have helped pave the way. From staff and students to soldiers, explorers, volunteers, mothers, human activists, and all those who have fought to expand the possibilities of women everywhere, we thank you and celebrate with you this March! 



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